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Implementation of solutions for private and public blockchain projects:
DApp, Smart Contracts, and Audit.

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We have 8 years in the development of different software solutions for business, such as Big Data, Blockchain, Cloud computing, Machine learning, and Chatbots.
Smart contracts for Binance Smart Chain, Polygon, TRON and Ethereum, DApp development, as well as private and public blockchain development.
Stack and technologies:
Java Script, Solidity, Python, C, C++, Kotlin, Swift // REST API, Amazon AWS, NoSQL, SQL, Django/Flask/Celery, NodeJS/VueJS, Redis, RabbitMQ.
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DApp development
DeFi projects
Fintech solutions
Smart contracts
Private and public blockchain development
Decentralized business solutions
Decentralized databases
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White Paper
Business plan
Code audit
Smart contract audit
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PR and advertising companies
Stages of project development:
Your wishes in free form
Drawing up technical requirements for a project
Drafting of technical specifications
Detailed description of the functionality
Component structure
Service mockups
Usecases, Map of interaction between the service and a customer
Technological stack. Determination of additional technologies and services necessary for the service operation
Definition of cost and terms
Step-by-step development
Start-up and testing
Project support
1-year warranty support
Paid support
Each project created in the field of blockchain requires deep study and analysis. The stages before development are the most important. It is necessary to calculate the project profitability and analyze the market for the presence of similar developments.
If you are planning to start a DApp startup, it will be essential for you to create competent tokenomics and select the most optimal technology stack.
The presence of the White Paper is one of the most important elements for any blockchain project as well. Its main task is to correctly present your project and its idea.
You can get a full consultation on your project by calling our free hotline or filling in the form below, and we will contact you in just a few minutes.
and I will be pleased to advise you on your blockchain project and help you provide insight into it.

My name is Dmitriy

and I will be pleased to advise you on your blockchain project and help you provide insight into it.
+1 786 600 1026