Born in Sparta

Create a cover for the «Born in Sparta» book. The cover should attract attention and reflect the essence of the work.


The book will talk about the fate of a person with disabilities, whose psyche is completely mutilated by a society that does not accept people who are not like them.

The writer presented the manuscript of the novel for us.

The idea of ​​creating a cover was born from the name of the book. I wanted to show a pressure of society on a person and his inability to resist it. I also wanted to show the connection and the basis of the Soviet regime that distorted the consciousness of people for seventy years.
Like the Spartans dropping children with deviations from the cliff, society of the Soviet Union did not accept people who were not like them. The name of the book came from this idea and the same served as reason to ​​using a helmet as symbol of a tough and non compassion society.

The man on the cover is rooted in letters trying to hide from the society that is pressing him. But he cannot escape or hide, the roots hold him tight.

I did the drawing process on paper first — choosing the right shape, color and contrast combinations. Only after finding the final version, it was drawn in illustrator.

Born in Sparta cover preview2