Create a brand and logo for tobacco company products. Develop a logo, name, slogans, packaging and product line of cigarettes.


Since this social project is aimed at combating smoking, we decided to use a combination of attractive and stylish packaging with images of internal organs, which are harmful for smoking.
The combination at the same time arouse interest in a bright design and at the same time repels with a realistic image of human organs.

For each type of cigarette, its own organ, name and slogan are selected. All elements are interconnected and have a certain meaning. The packs have a unique color scheme superimposed on a white velvety structure.

The brand name «Cancerillos» is derived from two words: «Cancer» (from the English — cancer) and «Cigarillos» (from the English — cigarillos). Together they form a play on words directly related to the ultimate goal of the project.

The brand «Cancerillos» became the owner of the brand we created — Last Man Products Inc. For him, we developed a logo and a small brand book. The logo is a silhouette of a person who smokes, he looks non-standard and agrees with the activities of the company.

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