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Most people underestimate the importance of logo and its powerful role in communication with the customers, and this is a mistake. Before development, we do research in your business branch, product, company and customers. These researches are less extensive than in Branding creation, but they are certainly necessary to reflect company’s activity throught the logo, its color scheme, forms and slogan.

Identity (brand book)

Identity includes the huge visual part of your company. With help of the identity your business can distinguished from other companies.

Through the logo, unique color combinations, specific forms, stylistic design of souvenir products and more. After the customer communicates with your company, he forms their opinion and loyalty to your business.
Thoughtful and good-looking Identity is an important component of the company’s success and part of the brand.


It’s most important for any company that wants to reach a new level. Creating a Brand is not just a logo and design, it is a philosophy, goal and mission. Implementation is possible only after a lot of analytical work of your part of the market, the position of the company and its consumers in it.

Then the company’s philosophy is developed, simple and understandable for the consumer, identity, slogans and ideas of your company. All components are intertwined into a single network and give rise to a brand, at the core which should be a simple idea.

We will help you turn a simple and understandable idea into a real brand that will take its place on the market.


The reason for rebranding may be a change in company strategy, time or change of ownership.

Rebranding is a crucial step for the company, as part of the consumers who are accustomed to the old representation of the brand may ambiguously relate to the changes. More often they just resort to changing identities. Therefore, it is important not to confuse identity updates with rebranding.

If you want to take a fresh look at the company, change the essential details in its branding and possibly even a philosophy — we will help you change your brand.


Promotional packaging is required to promote a product on the market. This does not mean that it should be bright and defiant, although in some cases the bright option will be optimal, just as in others a more concise style will do.

Packaging may be consistent with the identity of the company or have its own. The main thing is that it should arouse interest to the product.

We develop packaging for both goods and services. We take into account the features and cost of its production.

Book cover

The book, music album or magazine cover are a separate art form and a limitless platform for experimentation.

We believe that cover must be reflection of the theme of artwork, book or magazine. Reflect the essence! The cover should arouse emotions in a person and a desire to get acquainted with the content.

What do you get as a result

Full set

We understand that you need a finished product with all the little things. Therefore, in the final package you get:

Files fully prepared for use (including icons for the site and applications of all necessary sizes in ICO and PNG formats avatars and covers for social networks) in JPG, PNG, SVG, EPS formats. Source files in CMYK and RGB color schemes. Fonts used in your project in the formats TTF, WOFF, EOT.

User guide

Guide to the use of design on possible media — such as pens, business cards, letters, publications, videos, animation, covers, billboards, etc. Some media will take into account your specific application.

Brand book

In the case of Branding and Rebranding, you additionally receive a full-fledged brand book containing a description of the company’s philosophy, its goals and interaction with the consumer.

You will receive a brand book in PDF format. You will also be sent one printed copy of the brand book in magazine format.

Our design projects

What for dinner

Logo design and development of an online store.

Born in Sparta

Book cover design.


Logo and corporate identity for an online magazine.


Partial design of a financial control application and development of a promotional site.


Logo design for a furniture company in Latin and Cyrillic spelling.


Creating a package and brand for a non-existent tobacco company as part of a social campaign.

DVV market

Logo and website elements design for an online store.

Menshchikov & Partners

Logo redesign and corporate identity creation for a law firm.


Restaurant website design.

Your wedding

Logo design, mobile application development, website and server development.


Logo design for diagnostic equipment manufacturer.

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