Yo Capital

Create a color scheme for the app based on the existing logo. Create design of interface elements.

We have developed a color scheme in green shades for the interface elements. Initially, the customer had a predominance of green as the main color, but during development there was a problem with the annoying effect that green produced when dominated on the screen.

It was decided to use white as the fill — the background color.

Black icons and text are easy to read and add contrast to the project.

Negative values ​​are displayed in pearlescent pink. Using red would create an unpleasant color contrast between green and red.

The background for displaying static information and empty fields is light gray, as the least attracting attention, but at the same time visually separating the field from the white.

The project uses geometric shapes without rounding the corners to contrast with the flowing Co Headline Corp font provided by the client.

The project is fresh and modern with delicate shades of light green.

Yo Capital